Porcelain Tiles

There are tiles for all types of environment, and no one tile is suitable for all situations. Tiles perform two fundamental and essential functions in any setting. They are the aesthetic and technical function. Porcelain tiles have been gaining popularity amongst consumers as it is known as an all-purpose tile that is reasonably priced and comes in a wide array of colors.

Belonging to a type of ceramic tile, the porcelain tile is of high quality as it is commonly used in places like airports. Also, it is an indication of royalty as it was commonly used for royalty in Chinese history. They provide unlimited potential for design, hence many people have jumped onto the bandwagon of using these tiles for their homes.

As they are made by firing clay and crushed stone, they are heavy duty and durable, making them perfect for high traffic areas like shopping malls and other commercial places. Its hardness and density also means that it is unlikely to crack or chip under pressure. However, this means that cutting and drilling them during installation can be a challenge due to their density. Heavy duty diamond drill bits would have to be utilized in cutting porcelain tiles.

Cleaning these tiles require minimal effort as they are easy to maintain and are resistant to moisture and stains. They are easily cleaned with water and cloth. You can safely go ahead if you wish to clean them with cleaning agents as it is a hard wearing material. Cleaning agents or liquids will not affect them at all, but make sure to use solutions that are specific to porcelain. Their fire resistant properties also make them very popular in places where fire safety is a concern.

Porcelain tiles can come in many finishes. They can vary from polished, glazed, unpolished, satin to structured finish. To polish a tile means to finish the tile after the firing process, in which the tile will be sealed. There are various techniques to glaze a tile. Once it is glazed, it is considered non porous. Structured porcelain tiles are extremely textured, making them more suitable for outdoor use. Sealing the tile is not required for a structured tile.

As it continues to gain popularity and availability, the pricing of the tiles has also come down, making them cost effective and affordable to the normal consumer. These elegant tiles also come in a good range of colors to complement and define space. They are so versatile in design that there are even tiles which resembles wood or leather. Consumers who live in cold weather can consider these tiles over other choices as they are frost resistant.

If you are in the midst of selecting new tiles for your home or shop and have no idea what type of tiles to choose, porcelain tiles may be your solution to a fuss free and cost effective solution. Compared to other tiles, they are also more durable and can last for many years to come. They make a very good long term investment for all types of properties.

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