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Laminate Floor Installation - Beauty and Durability within Your Wallet

Modern home innovations have brought some of the most revolutionary concepts in home improvement making the overall cost and maintenance much lower than the traditional practice. One of those ground breaking innovations is without a doubt the introduction of laminated flooring. It is becoming a widely popular practice to install laminate floors in modern houses and offices. The reason is simply because laminated flooring does not require high maintenance and are cheaper than hardwood or stone floorings. It is available in different designs imitating almost every other kind of flooring there is, becoming the ideal decision of home owners and interior designers today.

As the name itself suggests, the process to laminate floors are achieved by fusing layers of synthetic flooring products through lamination. It has four layers of flooring from bottom to top, individually designed to sustain different environmental factors over a long duration of time without faulting.
The bottom layer also known as a backing layer prevents the board from warping and swelling due to moisture. The next layer above the backing layer is called the inner core layer, made from a high density fiberboard and melamine resin for resistance against water. The decorative layer follows up over the core layer which determines the actual look of the flooring. This layer can imitate almost all the other flooring patterns disguising it as any hardwood or stone flooring. The overlay is the top-most layer which endures the wear and tear of the flooring. To finish, the flooring material is then made up with different coats aimed for protection against moisture, fading, denting, scratches, and makes the floor look as good as new every time you clean it.

The durability of laminated flooring is unquestionable, and it has been certified by The North American Laminate Flooring Association (NALFA) after proper evaluation conducting 10 tests to determine its quality; thus, being reviewed with the following conditions.
1. The flooring must be extremely resistant to water and swelling caused by moisture over time and does not thicken.
2. It does not show any indentation that is usually caused by a static load over the surface after a long time that is commonly seen on other floorings.
3. It cannot be stained and it measures perfectly in terms with its cleanability.
4. It is highly resistant to water, fractures, or cracks and can withstand heavy impact on its surface perfectly.
5. It is extremely unlikely to notice the occurrence of gaps between each tile even through continuous wear and tear.

Not only are laminates extremely dependable but in comparison to other flooring options, it is relatively low in cost in regards to both installation and maintenance. The decision to get a laminate floor can save a lot on your budget while still being the best selection available for flooring. It can be applied over any surface whether concrete or wood. The most positive aspect of having laminated flooring is the fact that it can impersonate any other expensive and beautiful flooring texture. Laminated flooring can save you big bucks over the following years in terms of maintenance cost, still looking as new as the time of installation.



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